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The journey began three years ago when, by chance, I rescued an off the track Standardbred. I think I've always been destined to have a standardbred, as most of the places I've worked at had them and they always seemed to be the horses I clicked with the best. But in these past years, I've learned how difficult owning a Standardbred is. Not because they are hard to work with, quite the opposite, they're the quickest learners and they're solid as rocks. But because the breed is so under appreciated in this industry. Time after time again, people have told me Nell will never be an athletic competitor, she'll never jump, and I should just sell her. I've dedicated these past past years, and future ones, to working towards my goals with Nell and continuing to beat the odds.

My main mission in life: Prove Them Wrong.
Zenyatta’s statue at Santa Anita 

Zenyatta’s statue at Santa Anita¬†

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