My moo-mare four years ago! She was quite impressed with the hay that was placed in front of this 18in fence…
I have the earlier shot somewhere, which is pretty funny since she has her knees to her eyeballs. Maybe I’ll go fish it out.

I love this picture and you tack and your horse are perfect!!!

Love this picture from the eskadron platinum 2014



Pretty new polo’s ^_^

I neeeeed ❤️
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september-22nd-1994: Pro gaza pro Israel bla bla bla. How can you support Israel? How can you support violence? How can you support innocent civilians dying??? "We are fighting Hamas not Gazans" excuse to get to the civilians if you ask me.



You do realize that at a moments notice, Israel could lay waste to the entire Gaza Strip, right?  They have firepower capability to kill every single Palestinian on a quiet afternoon if they chose to.  If America was being bombed by Montreal as much as Israel is by Hamas, then Quebec would be carpet bombed into the next century.

Your narrative has no substance.  It makes no sense.  Israel could kill anyone they wanted, but they do not.  They agree to every ceasefire and treaty; Hamas does not.  They’ve given up land as agreed, but Hamas does not care.  Israel follows the Geneva Conventions but Hamas have broken them time and time again.  It is very simple.  You are just too stupid or stubborn to sit down and research it.

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I’ve got that tune

Laake German Barn Stalls, Doors, and Windows

Van GoghOldenburg colt